SEO Consultation and Search Engine Positioning

Having a good placement on a search engine means getting a great visibility on the web: the more your site is visible, the more customers will buy on it! As Google Analytics and AdWords certified Web Agency we take care of your ecommerce positioning.

Why is SEO optimization important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an activity which includes many practices and strategies for a better organic placement on the search engine. Those practices include both code and error optimization and seo copywriting.

Having a good placement on Google means that your site appears among the first pages, without using any advertisement! Users can find your site easily and there are higher possibilities to obtain more conversions.

Our SEO Specialist can identify all the keywords frequently used from users who are looking for your site and optimize all the pages so that they can reach a better placement in a SERP

SEO Optimization

Our SEO activities include:

  • Technical operations on the source code of web pages (Tag and Meta Tag are really important for a clear scan of the page);
  • Operations on the content page or ipertextual structure;
  • Link Building techniques;
  • Keywords Analysis;
  • Competitor Analysis;
  • SEO copywriting;
  • targeted Landing Page;
  • Aims report and analysis;
  • Site promotion and monitoring with Google Analytics.

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