We are a Frontend Developer certified Web Agency

Magento developers who have this certificate demonstrate a deep knowledge of all necessary components to realize and modify as best as possible the user interface of a Magento eCommerce platform. A Magento Frontend Developer can develop and customize:
  • Template
  • Layout
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • CMS Blocks
  • CMS Pages
  • Design
  • Other components included in the Frontend overview of a Magento platform;
Having a nice and pleasant design is really important for a Magento ecommerce: your customers’ trust grows and makes easier and more intuitive all the steps to make a purchase. The more you take care of the frontend of your store, the higher your profits will be.

Why is it important to work with a Magento Frontend Developer certified Web Agency?

If you work with a Magento Frontend Developer certified Web Agency it’s better, because the complexity of the interface developement is directly proportional to the increasement of your business. The more profits you will have, the more you will need to make improvements on your ecommerce to gain more. As Magento Frontend Developer certified Web Agency we can ensure you competence and reliability with every kind of project! Our Team can optimize as best as possible your platform, working on:
  • Design and customized interface for every kind of ecommerce project
  • Images and banner to add to your Magento site
  • Template customization of some pages, such as CMS, categories and product
Logo che attesta che la nostra Web Agency è certificata Magento Frontend Developer Currently in our team there are 3 Magento Frontend Developer certified members! You can check on the Magento’s official site Let your business take off with DNAFactory!  Ask for a free consultance!