Customize your eCommerce Live Search with Clerk!

What is Clerk?

Clerk is an artificial intelligence that optimize the purchasing experience of your users! The platform gives you tools that help your customer to find their favourite products in the easiest way as possible!

Your customers will find exactly what they’re looking for!

Through Clerk’s search engine your customers will find exactly what they’re looking for. The customized search helps you to make more conversions in less clicks:
  • Search while typing;
  • Automatic correction of wrong words;
  • Automatic complete of the missing words;
  • Semantic search;
  • Model and categories classification.
Clerk does not only improve the customized search of your ecommerce. It improves the value of your orders and profit margins, showing recommended products customized for every customer! You can add different sections in your site, such as:
  • Other customers also bought;
  • Recommended products you can add to cart;
  • Alternative products;
  • Recommendations based on previous clicks;
  • Other customers are also looking;
  • Popular products;
  • Recommended for your cart;
  • Recommended in 404 page or thank you page;

Why should I use Clerk?

Clerk Thanks to Clerk’s statistics you can find the perfect customer for each campaign. You can identify customers groups with interests in common, unactive customers, VIP customers and five them a customized recommendation! No complicated integrations are required, it’s really easy to use. Moreover you can make a result analysis and undesterdand where Clerk improves your business. Contact us for more info about Clerk!