The security of your eCommerce comes first: patches and SSL Certificate!

For DNAFactory is important to protect your eCommerce. An unsecure website is a risk for your agency and for your costumers. Our experts can help you: we can offer you the best support for the installation of security patches from third parties.

Why do I need a SSL Certificate?

The protocol SSL certifies that your business online is secure! Sensitive data, such as personal data, passwords and credit card numbers, shared from the user on your website, are reserved and cannot be intercepted from third parties.

The SSL Certificate is not only a way to ensure your reliability, but also it encrypts the data flow between the user and the website, for example during a transaction or filling a contact form.

Also Google gives priority to websites with HTTPS: thanks to the certificate, you can improve your position on search engines!

Why is security so important for your eCommerce?

If your site is unsecure, the broswer will notify the user that is currently on your website, or who is about to make a transaction, that the connection isn’t safe. The users will find another platform that allows them to purchase safely.

For this reason the lack of a SSL Certificate can damage your business! If you want to boost your business, your priority must be to ensure protection to your customer.

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What happens if I do not install security patches on my Magento eCommerce?

Your site becomes vulnerable and can be attacked: an external attack can endanger your customer's sensitive data, such as credit card data.

If someone would steal that data, you will be responsibile for not having updated your site with the latest security patches.

So Google will add your site to the “black list” where there are all the websites considered dangerous from Google or with suspicious activities that can damage the users who are on the search engine.

90% of the Google users would not buy from a site on the black list! This means: loosing customers, decrease sales and it could ruin your eCommerce reputation.

If you have a Magento website, you can use MageReport to know if your site is secure.