Integrate your products with every Marketplace

Marketplace Integration means that you can integrate your eCommerce with the most popular Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Kirivo, Mano Mano, Eprice, and so on.

Sometimes the integration of your ecommerce with a Marketplace is necessary to increase your business online.

What do we offer?

Our experts here at DNAFactory offer you a simple and complete solution to manage the integration of your products with the Marketplaces!

  • Automatic synchronisation of products;
  • Manage Stock;
  • Manage Orders;
  • Custom Interface;
  • Speed;
  • Monitoring and control;
  • Manage Workflow;

What advantages does eCommerce have with Marketplace Integration?

Marketplaces are open to users from all over the world: you can reach a really big public and increase your sales!

You can manage all the orders made on the Marketplace from the Magento Admin panel! The whole processing and data management will be optimized and you can update everything in a few click. The data synchronisation between eCommerce and Marketplace happens in real time!

The more products we integrate with a Marketplace, the more customers you can get in contact with!

The inventory will be updated automatically. For example, if you have only one product in the inventory and this is sold on the site or on a Marketplace, the other listing will automatically stop! When the product will be again in stock, the listings on the Marketplaces will restart.

How does the integration of products in a Marketplace works?

The most common Marketplaces give us the possibility to add our products automatically, through dataflow, by exporting them in a CSV or API file from the eCommerce.

Our developers can create an automatic exportation system of the catalogue of your eCommerce. After you generate the product feed, another automatic process will integrate it with the Marketplace.

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