Magento analysis, planning and development

What is Magento?

Magento is a CMS Open Source platform used for the development of e-commerce and it’s among the most flexible and customizable. Nowdays it’s best platorm used for the ecommerce development, suggesting highly intuitive solutions compatible with your company’s needs.

Why did we decide to develop Magento?

There are many ways to develop an e-commerce, Magento is one of the most popular platforms for the creation of e-commerce or online shops.

We choose this platform among the others as core business for our agency because this is the only way we can hold a higher standard online business. We do care about continuous learning and thanks to the Magento official certificates, which is made for the best Magento developers, we can improve more and more.

Thanks to both our technical skills and features of the platform, we can customize everything of your e-commerce: from template, to the design, the integration with your management software and much more. Just to increase your business and ensure the best user experience.

Why is Magento the best way to develop your e-commerce?

Magento was born for online business: this means we can work on it, install extensions and use smart features that follow the user in every step of the purchasing process. Pretty interesting is, for example, the possibility to manage different shops at the same moment from the same platform. Also many customizations in matter of design are available on Magento.

A small summary of what we can develop on Magento

Here it’s our “Magento bites” or better: what we can develop for you on Magento

  • Magento consultation, aims identifying and implementation strategies;
  • Create and customize a Magento template;
  • SEO Optimization for the Magento template;
  • Custom extension for your business’ needs ;
  • MarketPlace Integration;
  • Marketing strategies with the Magento features;
  • Customization of the product configuration;
  • Catalogue management and customization;
  • Optimized Magento Hosting;
  •  Multistore management and creation;
  • API integration with third parties;
  • Control grid customization and exportations.
  • Support to hold your business on higher standards

DNAFactory is a certified Magento agency

Our team is among the most skilled in matter of Magento! We have 7 Magento certificates. Just take a look on Magento’s official directory

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