Verified feedbacks with Trustpilot!

What is TrustPilot?

TrustPilot is a verified feedback system. Users online can express their opinion through reviews and comments. Every user’s feedback is important both for other buyers and company. Every feedback can help you improve your eCommerce and it’s a reference point for the other users!

Why TrustPilot? Help your company to grow!

TrustPilot Customers who are visiting your site are always looking for other opinions to ensure them that your products are reliable. For this reason before buying something, they will read the other users’ feedbacks. The more positive feedbacks you have, the more conversions you will get! Moreover the platform can identify and deny the creation of false feedbacks: a company who uses TrustPilot’s verified feedbacks cannot delete or hide feedbacks left from users. If you want to improve the reliability of your site it’s important to use a system that works clearly and with trasparence. Contact us for more info about TrustPilot!

Negative feedbacks can be a good start too…

If you don’t know how to handle with it, a negative feedback can be discouraging. Don’t worry, negative feedbacks can be a resource to improve your reliability! With TrustPilot you can reply to the feedbacks and get in contact with customers. Accepting negative feedbacks means you’re professional, but above all demonstrate your will to improve the purchasing experience of your customers! Most of the time if you react positively, a negative feedback can encourage the customer to buy again and improve your reliability!