Easy and safe payment solutions with MultiSafepay!

MultiSafepay is a platform that offers different payment methods: your customers can pay easily from every device!

Why should I choose MultiSafepay?

MultiSafepay MultiSafepay offers many features that help you increase your conversion rate:
  • Different international payment methods;
  • Fastcheckout, 1-click buying;
  • Payments management;
  • Desktop & Mobile technologies;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Payment and invoice
With the fastcheckout you can buy products with 1-click! To place an order you need only e-mail address and password. Increase your customers’ satisfaction with an easy and fast purchasing process! The user experience during the purchasing process is optimized: the payment occurs when the invoice is received! Once the product is delivered, the customer receive a payment request, that ensure you the payment within 30 days! With MultiSafepay on your eCommerce you will have many features:
  • Send a payment link to your customers if they didn’t complete their order, recover the abandoned transaction;
  • Globalize your business with multilanguage payment pages and local currencies;
  • Add new payment methods and new web pages;
  • Optimize payment from mobile devices;
  • Keep your payment safe with data encryption;
  • Make payments easier for regular customers;
  • Accept payments per phone or e-mail
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