We are a Google Adwords certified Web Agency!

Every good site needs to appear on the first page of a search engine but it can be really hard and requires some costant activities. Google AdWords campaigns have a really important role for your business. The Google AdWords certificate issued by Google and certificate fundamentals and advanced skills in matter of AdWords:
  • Adwords fundamentals;
  • Search engine advertisements;
  • Display advertisement;
  • Advertisement for mobile devices;
  • Video advertisement;
  • Google Shopping
Imagine that confirms that we are a certified Web Agency

Why is important to work with a Google Adwords certified Web Agency?

Having this certificate means being online advertisement experts. In our team there are 2 experts: they know really well the web world and the latest news about Google tools and products. We can:
  • manage single campaigns or a group of them;
  • manage different type of advertisements;
  • choose keywords for a single advertisement;
  • choose the network for the advertisements: Display network or Google Search Network;
  • identify the customers’ needs and use online advertisements as best as possible;
  • choose correctly the target options, the budget and much more.
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